injection molding cost calculator


Cost of injection molding parts

The cost of injection molding parts is related to many factors, but mainly to the following:

  • The raw materials cost. The cost could be calculated easily, just ask suppliers of raw materials for the price. After the injection molding parts plus its loss (about 3%) multiplied by the price of raw materials, the cost of raw materials can be obtained;
  • Injection molding cost. You should know the processing cost per hour of the different injection molding machines. Assuming: The processing cost of 100 tons plastic injection molding machine is USD 30.00 / hour, so the processing cost per minute to 0.5 USD;Now you should find out the plastic injection molding cycle time and the mould cavity number, on this case, the estimated injection cycle is 30 seconds, then 1 hour has 60×2 shots, the assumed cavity is 2,then plastic machine processing costs is 30/(60x2x2),its injection molding is USD 0.125/piece.
  • Secondary process includes spray / silk printing / plating, and these can be asked from the suppliers respectively.
  • Packaging costs. According to the injection molding part bulk, the packaging carton / packaging bags and other expenses would be calculated.
  • transport costs. According to the shipment cost and the loading quantity, the each part transport cost could be calculated
  • Personnel expenses. Because the above cost does not include the cost of the personnel, the final price should include them.
  • Profits: it is the real and final part you will get, you could decide according to the factory situation; normally it is 10%-20%.The others like tax…

injection molding parts calculation