injection molding cost calculator


Cost of injection molding parts

The cost of injection molding is related to many factors, but mainly to the following:

  • Prices of raw materials

Ask suppliers of raw materials for the price and you can easily calculate the cost. When the injection molding parts are multiplied by the raw materials price and the loss (about 4%) of the injection molding parts, the raw materials cost is calculated;

  • Costs associated with injection molding

The different injection molding machines have different processing costs per hour. Assume: A 100 ton plastic injection molding machine has a processing cost of USD 30.00 per hour, so the processing cost per minute is 0.5 USD; Now you need to find out how long the injection cycle lasts and how many cavities there are in the mold, for this example, we estimate 30 seconds per cycle, then 60 shots in an hour, with 2 cavities. This means plastic machine processing costs is 30/(60 2 2) + 4, and its injection molding is $0.125 per piece.

  • Costs related to secondary processes

The suppliers can help with spray / silk printing / plating, if you so request.

  • Expenses related to packaging

An estimation of the packaging carton / packaging bags and other costs will be based on the injection molding part bulk.

  • Transportation costs

Each part’s transport cost can be calculated based on the shipment cost and the load quantity

  • Personnel expenses

Due to the omission of the personnel costs in the above costs, the final price should include them.

  • Revenues

Assuming it is the final and real part, you can decide according to factory conditions; usually anything between 10% and 20%. Taxes are popular with the others…

injection molding parts calculation