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As a Chinese custom-made injection molding and plastic mold manufacturer, Topworks takes pride in offering our customers the best quality plastic molds and parts made using advanced tech.

With over a decade of experience, Topworks takes on each project with high levels of expertise and dedication. We provide you with a skilled, knowledgeable, and committed staff dedicated to your plastic injection molding needs.

Topworks can manufacture a complete item throughout our manufacturing process, or just parts of a system, regularly or on an ad-hoc basis, and offer custom assembling, stamping, and packaging services when needed and necessary.


Topworks’ in-house designers, moldmakers, and injection molders are all experts in their fields, allowing us to meet all of your plastic molding specifications. Whatever your project calls for, from prototype to mass manufacturing, we can handle it.

Most businesses cannot justify the high expense of outsourcing injection molding: Why not just produce it at home and avoid the inefficiency of international shipment and the possible delays caused by customs?

You have likely heard negatively about the quality of plastic injection molding companies in China.

However, the outsourcing injection molding within China has grown consistently. Many companies worldwide continue to purchase China injection molding services; some are placing large orders, and some even set up their own sourcing office in China. January-October 2022, exports of plastic products amounted to $89.14 billion, up 12.4% year-on-year.

People prefer advanced injection molds and durable injection parts. The Chinese suppliers are reliable business partners in the injection industry.

China injection molding pros:


China’s majority of injection molding companies produce high-quality molds and moulded parts at significantly lower costs than their counterparts in the United States and Europe.


China boasts the world’s finest plastic injection molding. You can gain invaluable expertise and experience from many companies in China’s plastic injection molding sector.

Flexible Work

China boasts many plastic injection molding companies that provide a diverse range of services. In addition to injection molds, these factories also provide manufacturing capabilities. From small-scale experiments to high-volume mass production runs, these Chinese firms have it all under one roof.

Fast Delivery

In China, injection molding typically has a shorter lead time. Depending on the size and complexity of the tool, production usually takes 3-8 weeks. Manufacturers benefit from this shorter delivery timeline by ordering materials ahead of time and enjoying increased flexibility during production.

China’s injection molding market region encompasses raw material procurement, production, logistics and distribution.


When you require injection parts and tooling for injection molding and plastic mold manufacturing, Chinese manufacturers can help. Your requirements will be fulfilled with precision by these Chinese providers.

Chinese suppliers must demonstrate responsiveness and responsibility to every customer. Businesses overseas rely heavily on local China mold makers to stay within budget, deliver goods promptly, and fulfill other commitments.

While upholding high-quality China plastic injection molding and process standards, you can free up funds to expand your business.

How to choose China plastic mold and injection molding?

Finding reliable plastic mold and injection molding companies in China can be daunting due to the abundance of manufacturers there, all competing for customers. Different Chinese injection molding makers provide various services.

What is the best way to find a trustworthy, efficient maker in China? Will those Chinese plastic companies deliver what they promise? How about delivery time, quality and intellectual property rights? You can get answers to these questions through:

  • When reviewing a quotation sheet for T1 molding, it is important to confirm the specifications of the steel insert used for cavities and core, the mold life, the number of cavities, gate size, surface finish, lead time for T1, price point, delivery schedule and payment.
  • Before ordering a China service, ask the manufacturers for their DFM report. This report can give you more insight into each manufacturer and provide general details such as steel content, shrinkage rate, feed system setup and gate options. Plus if their offering matches your specifications perfectly then you’ll know how to optimize part design accordingly.
  • Review the quality system of the maker.This is essential, as you want to guarantee they have an established system based on ISO 9001:2015 standards or equivalent. Furthermore, you may check China manufacturers’ certificates for SGS, BV and UL approvals.
  • Request references from past customers.This is another step to ensure the manufacturer has a good reputation. You should be able to locate references from past customers on their website and contact them for more details about the service provided. Evaluate China manufacturers’ capabilities. You want to determine whether they can produce your part or not.
  • Once the DFM and PO are agreed upon, injection molders in China can begin designing. You may request them to provide you with a MoldFlow analysis based on the mold design to examine its flowability, warpages, etc.
  • Once the design is approved, contact your injection molding manufacturer to receive the tooling plan each week. Additionally, request the steel quality and hardness certificate from them in order to inspect its integrity.
  • Once the test is complete, you must obtain the test video, injection molding trial report, and sample inspection report from the Chinese manufacturer.
  • Before receiving your China plastic injection molding order, be sure to request that the supplier send you all necessary technical drawings and documents.

FAQs about how to contract maufacture injection molding from China

What Should You Look for When Contracting a Chinese Supplier to Manufacture Injection Molding?

When contracting with a supplier in China for injection molding manufacturing, it is vital to evaluate variables such as the product and service quality, the expertise and skill level of your possible suppliers, and their ability to satisfy your budgetary needs. In addition, it is crucial to evaluate the manufacturer’s ability to react to changing market circumstances and provide customized solutions that fit your specific requirements.

How can you ensure of acceptable quality?

Many measures may be taken to assure the quality of injection-molded components produced by China manufacturers. Among them include studying the supplier’s reputation and industry expertise, verifying their qualifications and licenses to guarantee they are legitimate, and contacting prior customers to inquire about their experiences with the manufacturer. In addition, it is usually prudent to verify injection-molded components manufactured by possible vendors prior to making a final selection.

How can you negotiate more favorable prices with Chinese manufacturers when ordering injection molded parts?

There are several different factors that can influence pricing when contracting maufacture injection molding from a Chinese manufacturer. These factors may include:

  • volume discounts
  • the size or complexity of your order, and
  • whether or not you require custom product design services
  • or additional finishing work performed on your components after manufacturing.

To get better pricing for your injection molded parts, it is important to be prepared and know exactly what you need from your manufacturer in advance.

How can you work with a Chinese manufacturer to create custom injection molded parts that meet your unique specifications?

To create custom injection molded products that meet your unique specifications, it is important to work closely with a knowledgeable supplier who has experience producing customized components. In order to ensure maximum compatibility between the design of your injection molds and the manufacturing processes used by your potential suppliers, it may also be helpful to provide detailed technical drawings or 3D models of your desired product design. Additionally, establishing clear communication channels and asking for regular updates on your order status will help keep everything running smoothly throughout the manufacturing process.

How do you know when it’s time to move on from your current injection molded parts supplier and find a new manufacturer?

There are several different signs that may indicate that it is time to seek out a new injection molded parts supplier. These may include:

  • a decline in the quality of your components,
  • missed deadlines or delays in receiving finished products,
  • problems with communication or responsiveness from your manufacturer,
  • or increased pricing for your orders.

If you notice any of these issues with your current vendor, it can be helpful to start looking for alternative suppliers who meet your needs and budget requirements.

What are the benefits of contracting maufacture injection molding from a Chinese manufacturer, compared to other countries?

In many cases, contracting maufacture injection molding from a Chinese manufacturer can be beneficial in several ways. Some of these advantages may include lower costs for production due to cheaper labor and materials costs, access to a wide range of manufacturing processes and technologies depending on your needs, and more flexible production schedules that allow you to adjust orders based on market demand or changing requirements.

Additionally, working with a Chinese supplier may also give you the opportunity to take advantage of additional services such as product design consulting or prototype development. Regardless of your specific needs when ordering custom injection molded parts, there is likely a qualified manufacturer in China with the capabilities to meet your requirements.

In what industries is contracting manufacture injection molding from a Chinese manufacturer commonly used?

There are many different industries that may use injection molded components, and it is difficult to make generalizations about which ones are more likely than others to work with Chinese suppliers. However, some of the most common applications for injection molded products include:

  • automotive manufacturing,
  • electronics assembly,
  • medical device production,
  • sporting goods and toys,
  • telecommunications equipment,
  • plumbing fixtures and hardware installation.

No matter what type of product you need custom-made using injection molding processes, there is likely a qualified manufacturer in China who can help you find the best solution for your needs at an affordable price point.

All in all,we can get better profit from sourcing China injection molding services. But at the same time we must try to find out new ways to cope with the problems that would arise.

Where to find plastic injection molding companies in China?

injection molding development process

If you’re looking for a China injection molding supplier, there are several ways to find them. Some of the most common methods include searching online with Google or Alibaba, visiting trade shows and exhibitions, and networking with other manufacturers.

It is relatively simple to locate a manufacturer of injection molds in China on google

You can search using the terms below: China plastic injection mold, China injection mold manufacturers, Chinese injection molding, Chinese mold manufacturers, etc.

China mold makers can be found on various social networking sites, such as Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter.

The B2B websites Alibaba, Made-IN-China, Global sources, and others allow you to find China injection mold suppliers and manufacturers. Alibaba held 28.4% of the market in 2018, followed by with 19% ; and Baidu B2B also had 18.1% market shares . China’s Great Firewall will limit consumers’ ability to learn about foreign products beginning in 2021. For companies to succeed in the Chinese market, WeChat B2B marketing strategies are essential. As the largest Chinese-based wholesale trading platform, was launched by Jack Ma in 1999.

If you don’t find anything that way, then you may want to consider visiting trade shows and exhibitions where manufacturers tend to gather together. This includes places like the China International Plastics fair in Shanghai every June or Chinaplas which is held every November in Guangzhou ,Canton Fair or Aisamold for injection mold service China.

Another option would be networking with the business who might have already worked with injection molding suppliers in China before.

They could give you some recommendations on who would offer affordable prices with good quality products as well as services such as shipping overseas which could cost much more than just paying for shipping within China itself.

In fact, you can find at least twenty of the organizations in the specialized industrial parts of Dongguan city. China at large should be considered as many distinct parts rather than a single large one.

Some areas are known for supplying the most China plastic injection molds. Currently, there is an extensive number of suppliers. If you want to buy China plastic mold, you should seek a supplier located in one of these regions.

China has become the largest plastic consumer in recent years, while at the same time, China is home to the largest injection mold manufacturer with superior service.

China Plastics manufacturers produce a large number of Plastic Injection Molds, thereby creating a large market for acquiring these molds. As China mold factories grow increasingly sophisticated, so suppliers also develop- Number of China injection molding businesses : 17,337,and number of employees : 539,661 in 2022 .

At present, the injection mold industry of China has its own distinct characteristics, dominated by the plastic molds produced in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Guangdong, which account for 70% of the national total output value, giving them a very competitive advantage.

China’s leader—Guangdong

Guangdong is the most important market for mold products in China and is the largest exporter and importer of molds in the country.

Among China Plastic Molds producers, Guangdong represents more than 40% of the value, especially Shenzhen is leading the domestic market because of its numerical control rate of mold processing technology, manufacturing, professionalism, and standardization.

Due to the further optimization of the structure of Guangdong’s industry, the development of petrochemical, automotive, high-tech, and many other industries, Guangdong has become the world’s largest mold base supplier and Asia’s largest manufacturer.

Guangdong’s mold manufacturing in the coming years will become progressively advanced and complex, providing a better China injection mold service.

Shanghai—The automotive and information industry dominated

According to the Shanghai Mold Industry, there are six major industries and key industries.

It has developed a quality magnesium alloy die casting mold, and a precision injection mold in the IT industry, especially information technology, automotive production, and computer equipment; large die casting molds are used in the automotive industry, and progressive dies are used for precision stamping of precision parts.

Zhejiang – the most ratio of plastic mold

Ninghai is the main plastic mold manufacturer in Ningbo, Beilun manufactures die-casting tools, Xiangshan casts stamps, and Yinzhou manufactures casting and stamping tools.

The plastic molds are the majority of Taizhou’s mold manufacturing enterprises, centred in Huangyan and Luqiao.

Jiangsu—Private operation and foreign investment

Mould enterprises in Jiangsu Province have increased the investment in manufacturing equipment: CNC machine tools are widely used, and machining centers are widely used. Most enterprises have CMM, while WEDM machines are mainly wire cut machines. EDM mostly uses high-precision fixtures with high efficiency. Precision grinding machines such as ultra-precision surface grinders, optical curve grinders, and five-axis coordinate grinders have been widely used in precision mould manufacturing enterprises.

China injection molding

6 tips for buying China injection molding cost-effective

Manufacturers are always looking to cut costs on components. A new firm or leader in this field seldom expects everything to go smoothly.

Even though it may seem that everything in the manufacturing sector is fixed in stone as far as profitability and injection molded product production, certain tricks of the trade may be used to your injection molding company from China. Six injection molding cost-saving strategies.

Multi-cavity Mold

Multi-cavity or family molds may maximize tooling expenses. Depending on component resemblance, material choices, and processing requirements, your mold may fit many parts. So, the tool price will rise, but not as much as cutting a tool for each component.

Hence, multi-cavity molding suits high plastic output. Tools with more cavities generate fremore components every cycle. This approach will increase tooling costs, but it will lower component prices and corporate expenses over time.

Injection molding is simple, making cost reduction difficult. Nonetheless, experts claim various methods to save expenditures.

Be aware of the part size.

To accomplish your aim as inexpensively as feasible, utilize as little stuff as possible. The cost of an excessively big or complicated item will be greater, as will the cycle time since it takes longer to process and cool. Plastics generally have a greater strength since they need more material. To retain structural integrity, it is possible to avoid increasing the quantity of material employed.


With a little forethought, you can reuse the same mold numerous times rather than purchasing a new one for each change. Inserts, for example, may be used to construct several versions of the tool. Another form of modification, known as MUD tooling, involves the creation of a tiny mold contained by the original mold base. In addition to cost savings, this compact mold necessitates less investment in tooling. Several tools are far more expensive than cutting this mold.

Even if you should not be stingy with features and aesthetics, you should not go overboard. There is no question that visually attractive components are advantageous. Yet, the additional labor necessary to create the mold that will be utilized might significantly reduce your profit margins.

A client that wants to add more features to their product may need further mold work, such as electrode removal, sandblasting, or high polishing, to get the desired visual look. Efforts to reduce expenses may be negatively impacted by this additional work.

An unneeded little element, such as business logos or textured surfaces, might reduce injection molding costs.

Process of manufacturing analysis

Working with an experienced partner may save you time and money in the long run, even if you can discover possible improvement possibilities via DFM analysis. It will decrease financial and aesthetic costs by identifying issues such as impractical geometries, poor draft angles, and moldable components early on. Topworks plastic mold, for example, provides skills and information that contribute to the improvement and perfection of injection molds.

Innovative Mold Design

It is cheaper to work with a molder that will design your molds intelligently. Depending on where your part is positioned in the mold, the cost will be affected significantly. Optimal filling and reduced scrap are the results of part positioning. A part may be designed to eliminate the need for sprues and runners to reduce material usage. Ultimately, this reduces the cost of the part. You can eject your parts damage-free with a smart design.

Using the six tips in this article will help you maximize your injection molding profits from China. It would be beneficial to put all – or even some – of these into practice to reduce costs.

Why those important for injection molding cost

injection molding cost
injection molding cost

Table: Factors Affecting Injection Mold Cost

Part SizeBigger parts require larger molds, increasing steel cost.
Part DesignComplex parts may require detailed molds with special features, affecting cost.
MaterialsSpecific materials may necessitate the use of particular mold materials, impacting cost.
Part Finish RequirementsHigh gloss surface requirements may require expensive steel and precise polishing, adding to the cost.
Production VolumeHigher volume molds require more cavities and higher-grade steel, influencing cost.
Country of ManufactureDifferent countries have varying labor costs, impacting the overall mold cost. In China, the average cost of an injection mold is approximately 40% less than in Western nations.

Table: Common Injection Molding Defects and Solutions

Sink MarksDepressions or indentations on the surface of the molded part.Increase gate size, adjust cooling time, or modify part design.
WarpingDeformation or twisting of the molded part after cooling.Optimize cooling time, adjust mold temperature, or modify part design.
FlashExcess material present on the edges of the molded part.Optimize clamping force, adjust injection speed, or modify tooling.
Short ShotIncomplete filling of the mold resulting in an incomplete part.Increase injection pressure, adjust melt temperature, or modify tooling.
Burn MarksDiscoloration or burnt spots on the surface of the molded part.Optimize cooling time, adjust melt temperature, or modify tooling.
VoidsEmpty spaces or air pockets within the molded part.Increase injection pressure, adjust melt temperature, or modify tooling.
Flow LinesVisible lines or streaks on the surface of the molded part.Adjust injection speed, optimize gate location, or modify tooling.
Weld LinesWeak bond lines formed when two or more flow fronts meet.Optimize gate location, adjust melt temperature, or modify tooling.
SplayDiscoloration or streaking caused by moisture or contaminants.Dry the material properly, adjust melt temperature, or modify tooling.

Never forget that correctly identifying the root cause behind defects is imperative if you want to manage them efficiently. By tweaking process parameters, mold design, material selection and equipment settings – you can potentially tackle and reduce such flaws during injection molding.