Plastic molding process:

  1. Parts Design (client may provide completed 3D files)—-Client Side

The tooling process begins with a completed and checked part design. Topworks can optionally optimize your design before tooling in order to lower your costs and ensure that your design will work well with Asian processes.

  1. Parts Prototyping (if necessary)– Client Side Or Topworks side

If you would like to validate your parts design with a machined piece that you can see and feel, Titoma can use Computer Numerical Control (CNC) techniques to prototype your parts.

  1. Tool Design— Client Side Or Topworks side

At this stage the tool is designed, using the information from your completed Tooling Information Worksheet.

  1. Tool Check and Mold Flow Analysis — Topworks side

The tool design is validated for correctness.

  1. Tool Fabrication  — Topworks side

It includes use of Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) and Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) technologies).The tool is precisely fabricated according to the validated design.

  1. First Shots To Client(T1) — Topworks side

Once the injection molds are made, the first test shot samples will be sent out soon after via international courier. Once sent, these usually take around 2-5 days to arrive.

  1. Tool Modifications and Texturing — Topworks side

At this stage Topworks completes the tool and makes any required changes to bring the tool into the approved spec. Changes made to bring the tool to spec (specifically excluding design changes, which are always charged for) are made free of charge by Topworks.

At this stage, texturing also takes place, which is normally the last stage before mass production.

  1. Mass Production Run or Export — Topworks side

At this stage parts are produced and delivered to the customer, or the tool is released for export use.




PC injection molding

PC injection molding

For tooling, it usually takes 5 to 6 weeks from receipt of deposit funds for molds to be made, assuming that 3D files are correct.

If you have a special urgent request, we can reduce the lead time to 3 weeks (additional fees apply).

“T1” samples are the first stage test shot samples produced based on your 3D files.

Depending on the original 3D design and complexity of the plastic parts, it takes usually one to two weeks, sometimes longer, to complete the test shot stage.

Lead-time for production depends on parts complexity and tool and material requirements, as well as the quantities requested by the client.

If you have a dead-line to meet, please let us know.

We will discuss to see whether it is possible to meet your date. Usually we estimate 2 weeks for orders of 10,000 units.

Please contact us for details on exactly how long your project will take, as times (and project scopes) vary greatly.

Shipment times depend on which shipment method is used (i.e. DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, air cargo or sea shipment).

If you have appointed a freight forwarder, we can use your account and existing agreements for a nominal fee.

If do not have a specific forwarder, we can provide names of forwarders we have worked with in the past.

Based on our experience, depending on the final destination, it samples usually take about 2-5 days via international courier, 2-5 days by air and  20-45 days by sea.

When deliveries are sent FOB China, international courier service is not usually recommended as procedures can be complicated. EMS is an alternative for small quantity if the delivery is urgent, however.

Additionally, standard times for custom declarations vary from country to country.

Please check with your local freight forwarders service.