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China’s Best Polycarbonate Injection Molding – Quick Delivery, Small Order

You need quality polycarbonate parts but don’t want to deal with the hassle and expense of traditional molding methods.

You’ve tried other methods but they just don’t measure up.

With our polycarbonate injection molding services, you’ll get the high-quality parts you need without the hassle or expense.

Would you like to find a manufacturer and designer specializing in polycarbonates injection molding both reliable and cost-effective(as low as $ 0.5 for some cases) ?

If you are looking for a polycarbonate molding company in China, Topworks Plastic Mold can help you.


We have been in business for more than 10 years ,and have unmatched expertise in the field of design, tooling, and manufacture of polycarbonate Injection Molding products of extra wall thickness at competitive prices.

We are one of the few companies that specialize in the creation, manufacturing, and delivery of polycarbonate (PC) molding parts from concept to reality via our experience. Our comprehensive range of PC injection molding services ensures that we can provide the highest level of quality and precision for all of our products. We strive to exceed expectations and ensure satisfaction with every project we undertake.

Visually stunning and flawless, polycarbonates injection molding tools and parts are adoped for everything from automotive dashboards to wind turbine blades.

Our services: Optical Design,Precision Optical Mold Making, Optical Injection Molding, and Optical Coating.

Our processes make every step of the polycarbonates injection molding process simpler;whether a concept or a work-in-progress.

“I’m glad to inform you that all plastic parts are perfect!!! We are delighted, and therefore there are good chances to continue our relationship for any coming new project.”



“Steven is a very detail-oriented project manager and engineer who can solve problems creatively and also provides excellent service. It was a pleasure working with him.”



Our polycarbonates injection molding

  • Automobile parts
  • Medical instruments
  • Aerospace
  • Packaging field
  • Electronic appliance
  • optical lens
  • LED lighting

Our Product Lines:

  • Aspheric condenser lenses,
  • fire polish aspheric lenses,
  • optical filters glass,
  • achromatic lenses,
  • large optical lenses,
  • front surface mirrors,
  • prisms,
  • cylindrical lens.
  • Flat lenses,
  • convex,
  • concave,
  • Honeycomb mirror,
  • Fresnel lenses;
Design Of Components 7 Days

Topworks can optimize your design for cost savings or ensure compatibility by optimizing your design before tooling. Clients are welcome to supply 3D files

Parts Prototyping (If Necessary) (2 -3 Days)

Topworks can utilize Computer Numerical Control (CNC) to produce a machined prototype or 3D printing that you can see and feel to validate the design of your part.Also we supply vaccum casting service

Tool Design (3-7 Days)

During this stage, your Tooling Information Worksheet is used to design the tool.

Tool Design Check (2-3 Days)

The accuracy of the tool design is validated.

Tool Fabrication (3-8 Weeks,It Depends)

The tool is precisely fabricated according to the validated design using Computer Numerical Control (CNC), and Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) …

First Shots To Client (T1,2-5 Days)

The first test shots will be sent via courier soon after the injection molds are made. Once sent, these usually arrive in 2-5 days.

Tool Modifications And Texturing (3-7 Days,It Depends)

At this point, Topworks makes any changes to the tool that is necessary to bring it into compliance with the approved specifications. Topworks makes any changes that are necessary (specifically excluding design changes, which are always charged for) free of charge.
In this stage, the texturing process is done, which is usually the last step before mass production.
Topworks side

Mass Production Run Or Export 

In this stage, the tool is handed over to the customer or ready for injection molding.

The maximum wall thickness of the PC product can reach 3 cm, but the surface does not shrink, and there are no bubbles inside.



China polycarbonate injection molding

China is a reliable place to go if you are looking for reliable polycarbonate injection molding suppliers.

We’ll give you some tips on finding a reputable supplier and getting the most favorable deal.

China Suppliers: How to Find a Reliable One

You should keep a few things in mind when choosing a polycarbonate injection molding supplier in China. Research and asking around for recommendations are the first steps you should take.

Businesses can find good Chinese suppliers online through various forums and websites. You should contact a few potential suppliers and ask them about their experience, prices, and shipping times once you’ve identified a few potential suppliers.

If you are not sure about the quality of their work, you should also request samples.

Establishing a good working relationship with your supplier is crucial once you have chosen one. Communicate clearly, pay on time, and be clear about your expectations.

You can find a reliable polycarbonate injection molding supplier in China by above these tips.

Why those important for injection molding cost

injection molding cost
injection molding cost
  • Part size- bigger parts mean a bigger mold, which means that bigger steel will increase the steel cost for the injection mold.
  • Part design- the more complex a part is, the more detailed the mold has to be. Some complicated parts will require special features to be added, such as lifters or sliders. Therefore, you should be open to advice from your mold maker and see if there’s anywhere that you can alter the part design to save on injection mold costs.
  • Materials: Depending on the part material of choice, the injection mold will have to be made of a particular material. For instance, if corrosive plastic-like PVC is to be used, the mold will have to be stainless steel to avoid any damage, ultimately bump the price up.
  • Part finish requirements- where parts have high gloss surface requirements, then more expensive steel and precise technical polishing will be vital, adding to the price.
  • Production volume- higher volume molds need more cavities, and so the mold will be larger. They also require a higher steel grade to last for longer, which impacts the injection mold cost.
  • Country of manufacture- different countries have different wage rates. If your mold is made in a country where labor costs are low, then you’ll naturally save money. In China, the average cost of an injection mold is around 40% less than in western nations.
polycarbonate injection molded part

Polycarbonate Injection Molding: What to Look for

For many industries, polycarbonate injection molding has become a popular manufacturing process. This process produces high-quality parts that can be applied to a wide range of applications when it is performed correctly. While purchasing polycarbonate injection molding services from China, you should keep a few things in mind.

A reputable manufacturer should be your first priority

The Chinese market is full of fly-by-night operations that will take your money and produce substandard products. Ensure you’re working with a reputable company by doing your research.You could find many on B2B plateformss,like alibaba.com,made-in-China.com…

The next step is to be clear about your specifications

How do you want your parts manufactured? Is there a tolerance that needs to be met? To ensure that you receive an accurate quote from the manufacturer, please be as specific as possible.

Finally, it is not a bad idea to negotiate

It is common for Chinese manufacturers to negotiate their prices. You can negotiate until you reach a fair price if you don’t feel the price is fair .Or you could negotiate with several potential suppliers.

Price Negotiation: How to Get the Best Deal

Finding a reputable supplier is the first step in buying polycarbonate injection molding from China. The next step is to negotiate prices with a few potential suppliers. You can get a better price by following these tips:

  1. Comparing quotes from several suppliers is a smart idea. Using this information, you will be able to determine what polycarbonate injection molding costs in China are. Manufacturers in different areas of China have different costs – you could choose the most cost-effective option for you.
  2. Haggling isn’t a bad thing. You shouldn’t be afraid to negotiate prices in China.
  3. Make sure your requirements are clear. For the supplier to provide you with an accurate quote, you need to be as specific as possible about what you need.
  4. Discounts are available. Make sure to ask for a discount if you are ordering a large amount of polycarbonate injection molding.
  5. Maintain a high standard of quality. Quality and price are critical factors to consider when buying from China. Prior to making a purchase, verify the supplier’s quality standards.
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120~130<30Hot air circulation drying