Top China 10 injection mold manufacturers

Thanks to a vast pool of skilled labor and continuous investments in advanced technologies, Chinese injection mold manufacturers have earned themselves an exceptional reputation for precision, efficiency and cost-effectiveness – qualities sought-after by businesses worldwide when searching for reliable injection mold suppliers.

Businesses around the globe look towards top 10 Chinese companies as reliable injection mold suppliers that consistently offer exceptional quality and service.

China injection mold

This list features 10 Chinese companies which consistently set industry-standard quality service. These top 10 Chinese companies offer exceptional quality and service over years ,and establish themselves as this competitive industry leaders.

  • Topworks Plastic Mould Ltd is one of China’s top injection mold makers. Established in 2005 and located in Taizhou, they specialize in creating precision injection molds for automotive, medical, consumer electronics and other industries. Employing over skilled employees at their advanced mold manufacturing facility, Topworks has the capacity to handle both small and complex mould projects with ease.
  • Ningbo Beilun Jingcheng Plastic Mould Factory has been crafting injection molds since 1994 and specialize in household items, medical devices and automative parts – with international clients. Jingcheng is known for high quality at competitive pricing.
  • Dongguan Xinsheng Mould Craft Co. Ltd is an ISO 9001 certified producer of injection molds and die-cast molds located in Dongguan. Their 300+ workforce specialize in crafting intricate multi-cavity molds to serve automotive, electronic, medical and consumer product industries.
  • Yizhi Precision Mould Co., Ltd was established in 2004. Since then they have developed into one of the premier suppliers for premium molds made using cutting-edge equipment and processes – capable of manufacturing automotive, home appliance, medical device and complex geometries products such as automotive tires or medical device molds based out of Huizhou.
  • Shoe Mold Co. Ltd of Xiamen has been offering molds to footwear producers for more than two decades – as its name implies – but also provides similar mold making services for consumer goods, electronic items and more. As its name implies, this firm specializes in footwear mold production but offers much more! Shoe Mold has over two decades of experience.
  • Shenzhen Mold Technology Co. Ltd is an established supplier of injection molds, compression molds, die-cast molds and more. They use state-of-the-art EDGE CAM/CAD systems as well as specialize in multi-cavity/hot runner molds with capabilities for medical electronics industries as key clientele.
  • Dongguan Fenghe Mould Technology Co. Ltd. Fenghe is an ISO 9001 certified mold maker located in Dongguan’s Qingxi Town and established in 1995; their product offerings cover auto parts, household items, electronics components and industrial applications. Featuring over 300 employees today.
  • Kunshan Mold Tech Corporation of Kunshan near Shanghai provides high-precision injection, die-cast, and compression molding solutions, such as in-mold assembly technology, hot runner systems and multi-component molding for industries including automotive, medical, consumer goods, electronics. Their key strengths include in-mold assembly technology and multi-component molding processes – these services cater to industries including automotive, medical, consumer goods and electronics.
  • Qingdao Weiyang Mold Co., Ltd specializes in creating high quality precision molds for automotive, home appliances, toys and medical devices manufactured using plastic materials. Their team boasts more than 200 employees utilizing cutting edge CAD/CAM/CAE technologies for mold design.
  • Starworld Machinery & Mold Co. Ltd of Xiamen boasts extensive expertise across a spectrum of mold making processes such as injection, die-casting, compression molding and blow molding. Operating out of their location in Xiamen they serve both domestic and international clients from automotive, electronics, medical device manufacturing as well as consumer goods industries.

China’s injection mold manufacturing industry has experienced rapid expansion over recent decades. Spurred on by rising demand from industries like automotive, electronics and medical devices, Chinese mold makers have developed highly skilled capabilities for injection mold making.

Many of the leading suppliers, like those listed above, utilize advanced CAD/CAM/CAE software and machining centers to manufacture high-precision multi-cavity molds with complex features like hot runner systems. Their highly trained engineers, modern facilities and quality control processes all play key roles.

Though cost has long been their hallmark advantage, leading Chinese mold companies now pay equal attention to quality, innovation and quicker lead times in order to remain globally competitive. Many are ISO certified or use plastics engineering best practices.

Automotive remains one of the primary end users for injection molding in China, as vehicle production increases, so does demand for quality automotive molds from both local OEMs and Tier 1/2/3 suppliers.

Medical and healthcare industries represent one of the main growth areas for Chinese mold makers. Due to stringent quality requirements placed upon medical equipment and devices, specialist mold engineering capabilities must also be present in Chinese manufacturers’ molds.

China’s mold industry growth can also be found in applications related to electronics, consumer goods, packaging and industrial components – these being among the main contributors. Multinational corporations utilizing local production strategies provide even more opportunities in China’s mold sector.

As was noted above, while initial cost-cutting advantages may have dominated, top Chinese injection mold suppliers such as those discussed are now capitalizing on advanced technology, quality processes and industry expertise to offer clients worldwide the service they require for production purposes. It looks bright for this essential manufacturing subsector!

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