Guidelines and Pitfalls to Consider When Presenting Your Product Idea

In this article, we provide a concise list of recommendations and cautions based on frequently asked questions and feedback from our esteemed clients.

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Best Practices (The Do’s)

  1. Making an impactful presentation requires having familiarity with the publishing software at hand; we recommend selecting one that feels most comfortable for you. While our clients have leveraged many different formats in previous projects without any strictly right way of going about things whatsoever – strong presentations share certain fundamental sections nonetheless Regardless of whether using Google Slides or Powerpoint‘s complimentary offering; what matters most is conveying all required details crystal-clearly so that your design company comprehends your ideas fully. Consider the options and pick whatever software program works best for you.
  2. A successful presentation requires optimal utilization of visual elements to illustrate key points and concepts effectively. Still, there should also be a conscious effort towards ensuring these graphics do not come across as frivolous decorations without any substantial value addition. Ideally, the images incorporated should aid our comprehensions by depicting competitor products as well as fundamental product specifications targeted for enhancement fully. Whenever possible and appropriate for the context at hand, visual demonstrations should also highlight how rival products operate with respect to their intended use cases or where existing gaps may exist waiting for exploitation by our proposed solution.
  3. Keep the amount of text to a minimum. While you can provide additional details and explanations in the notes section of your presentation, it is advisable not to overload it with excessive text. The presentation should serve as a starting point for discussion with your chosen company, allowing you to delve into further details during conversations.
  4. Would it be possible to have a sit-down discussion concerning your product idea and presentation? This is an essential step towards effective communication. While emails and messaging systems are great tools, they aren’t always enough when it comes to generating a clear understanding such as through an actual in-person meeting, phone call or even video chat if travelling from afar. Ideally, face-to-face meetings are preferred so that the meeting can capture all the fine details of your proposal which could include bringing along prototypes developed so far or presenting competitor products for review purposes. Distance poses certain obstacles and given such enquires have always resulted in successful projects through alternate means including video chats and phone calls – preliminary information leading up is required either way however (such as concise presentations). Such info enables our project management team to develop robust SOW outlining key aspects of your project vision!

Common Mistakes (The Don’ts)

  1. Avoid requesting a quote without providing sufficient details. Without an adequate amount of information regarding your design requirements, it is impossible for us to provide an accurate cost estimate. Ensure that you share relevant details about what you expect us to design in order for us to offer a realistic quote.
  2. For optimal results when presenting an idea for consideration and development by our team at Topworks, we recommend avoiding relying solely on phone communication without any accompanying visual content or references. Our experience has shown that explaining a complex concept exclusively via phone call is largely ineffective and may not produce desired outcomes.
  3. To begin work on designing a viable plan for realizing your concept, we require tangible identifications–this means visual references such as relevant images sketches or presentations will go along way in speeding up the process.Following receipt of these materials via email submission from you, our team can set up meetings scheduled so that successful discussions about developing needed solutions can be held using informed data points.
  4. One additional factor worth mentioning is directing us by simply saying “present some designs” places limits on how much we can tailor our solutions to best fit the specific needs that your complex ideas will require. Creating a productive design solution that meets your idea’s requirements is much more efficient when you provide clear specifics about guidelines and constraints.

By keeping these fundamental principles in mind, we can allocate adequate resources and expertise towards our collaborations. Ultimately, by effectively presenting your product idea through collaboration with us, you increase the likelihood of success rates and we look forward to working with you on a fruitful engagement.

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