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Introduction to Custom Injection Molding in China

Injection molding produces high volume plastic parts accurately and efficiently. China has established itself as a global leader in injection molding services over the past few decades. With a vast manufacturing infrastructure, skilled workforce and lower costs, Chinese injection molding companies offer immense value for global sourcing of custom plastic parts.

This guide provides a step-by-step process to source custom plastic injection molded components from China. We cover how to find the right injection molding partner, evaluating capabilities and quality systems, defining product specifications, total landed costs and best practices for supply chain optimization.

How Injection Molding Works

Injection molding produces plastic parts by injecting molten plastic material at high pressure into a mold. The mold has two metallic halves that form the desired shape when closed under heat and pressure.

Some key advantages of injection molding include:

  • Highly accurate and repeatable dimensions
  • Smooth surface finishes
  • Low scrap rates
  • Ability to mold complex geometries

Injection molding is suitable for high volume production of custom plastic components across a diverse range of industries.

Key Steps for Sourcing Injection Molded Parts from China

1. Define Product Design and Target Volumes

Having a clear design, material selection, dimensional tolerances and annual/monthly volume requirements is essential for an injection molding quote. Chinese manufacturers can provide valuable inputs to optimize the initial product design for functionality, quality and moldability.

Clearly defining target volumes plays a crucial role in mold selection. High volume production over 1 million units annually may need higher cavity molds with automated production lines.

2. Create Product Design Specifications

A detailed design specifications sheet includes:

  • 3D CAD models with views, dimensions and material notes
  • Part weights and dimensions
  • Target mechanical performance – impact strength, rigidity, heat/UV resistance etc.
  • Cosmetic requirements – external finish, ergonomics, decorative features etc.
  • Testing protocols – performance, durability, certification etc.

Chinese injection molders with in-house product design teams can help refine initial concept designs into optimized, final specifications. Checking capabilities in the initial design phase prevents quality issues down the line.

3. Research and Shortlist Chinese Injection Molding Companies

Global buyers source billions worth of custom plastic injection molded parts from China every year. With thousands of qualified suppliers, conducting in-depth research is vital for finding ideal partners.

You can shortlist potential vendors based on:


What materials, part sizes, complexity and volumes are they highly experienced in? Optimal matches align closely with your product needs in terms of existing molds, certifications and vertically integrated capabilities most relevant to your application.

Quality Systems and Processes

Review quality control steps during mold design, tooling fabrication, injection mold sampling, mass production and final inspection. International quality standards like ISO 9001 and industry specific certifications indicate advanced capabilities.

R&D and Engineering Infrastructure

In-house engineering teams, advanced mold flow simulation software, onsite material labs and testing equipment predict how melted plastic flows into cavities. This results in higher quality molds with balanced cooling and material flow.

Past Performance and Vertical Capabilities

Years in business, major client wins, variety of industries served, in-house tooling, secondary processes like silkscreen printing, ultrasonic welding, CNC machining or surface treatments indicate comprehensive capacities for turnkey projects.

Trade Assurance and Logistics Infrastructure

Trade assurance programs like Alibaba verified suppliers ensure your payment is protected until receiving goods. Review bonded warehouse access, domestic transportation networks and export logistics chains for secure and timely delivery.

4. Evaluate Initial Quotes and Capability Presentations

You can expect custom injection molding quotes from China to cover:

Mold Cost – Quoted separately based on complexity, size, cavitation, lifecycles etc. Buyers typically pay for molds while owning rights.

Unit Price – Based on material selected, production volumes, secondary operations, quality expectations and value-added services.

Tooling & Sampling Lead Times – Time for CNC machining, mold assembly, producing samples and design tweaks before mass production.

Production Capacity – Output rate based on existing molding machines, factory size and labor bandwidth. Ensures alignment with demand forecasts.

Quality Control – Inspection steps before, during and after production runs according to defined test protocols and standards.

Delivery Timelines – Ensuring fast order fulfillment across quoting, production and shipping lead times to match business needs.

Detailed project reviews help verify production readiness, engineering strengths, equipment sophistication and quality focus beyond initial cost tables.

5. Define Payment Terms and Place Tooling Orders

For custom molds, buyers typically pay 30% down payment to start fabrication, 60% before shipping samples and 10% balance after acceptance. Production payments are 30% deposit before mass output and 70% before delivery.

Escrow services through third parties help secure buyer payments only released to vendors after each project milestone. This reduces risk for foreign buyers when ordering high value injection molds sight unseen.

6. Review Initial Samples and Iterate Designs

The first plastic parts produced in newly machined molds reveal design flaws unseen in 3D CAD drawings. Precisely machined cooling channels, ejector pin placements, material flow rates and other factors determine part quality visible only in physical form.

Initial samples help qualify surface finishes, cosmetic appeal, dimensional accuracy and functional performance. Design tweaks help refine the tool before entering high volume production. China’s specialized injection mold sampling teams provide quick turnarounds for evaluating multiple iterations.

7. Complete Pre-Shipment Inspection Before Mass Production

Pre-shipment inspection (PSI) by appointed third party agencies is vital before accepting tooling quality and greenlighting mass orders. PSI confirms dimensional accuracy, material grades used and cosmetic compliance through customer defined testing plans.

Any quality issues get resolved by the manufacturer without production delays. Approved reports assure production level components match specifications established earlier.

8. Ramp Up Volume Orders and Optimize Logistics

With design finalized pre-production samples approved, focus shifts to streamlined manufacturing and secure shipping. Production monitoring, quality verification and timely dispatch prevent downstream delays.

China’s extensive sea and air freight options balance cost, speed and security for FCL and express deliveries globally. Sourcing agencies optimize import duties, taxes and customs clearance based on INCOTERMs.

9. Schedule Periodic Re-Orders and New Product Launches

High performing Chinese suppliers become invaluable long term partners through years of collaboration. Continual improvements in quality consistency, cost reduction and fast turnarounds for repeat orders offers mutual growth.

They proactively recommend production innovations and material advancements for upgrading existing designs. New product development utilizes established tooling and sampling best practices between teams.

Key Takeaways for Sourcing Custom Injection Molding from China

  • Define detailed design specifications upfront for precise project scoping and quotes
  • Research extensive supplier capabilities to find ideal matches with product needs
  • Validate production readiness through trials before high volume orders
  • Use third party inspection and escrow payments to reduce quality risk
  • Establish robust quality control protocols for each production milestone
  • Build trusted partnerships with consistent suppliers for peak value

With diligent sourcing practices, technically competent partners and proactive monitoring – China delivers exceptional quality, lead times and cost savings for global injection molding projects. Extensive capacity across materials, molds, machinery and secondary processes offer turnkey solutions tailored to business objectives.