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Why China injection molding-Topworks?

Injection molding overseas is not cost-effective for most companies. The high shipping costs and delivery delays by overseas customs would make it inefficient, so make it locally?

You have likely heard negatively about the quality of plastic injection molding companies in China.

However, the plastic mold outsourcing industry within China has grown consistently. Many companies worldwide continue to purchase China plastic injection molding or China injection molding services; some are placing large orders, and some even set up their own sourcing office in China.

People prefer advanced mold injection technology and durable injection parts. The Chinese mold supplier is a reliable business partner in the injection mold industry.

As a Chinese custom-made plastic mold manufacturer, Topworks takes pride in offering our customers the best quality in plastic molds made using advanced tech.

With over a decade of experience, Topworks take on each project with high levels of expertise and dedication, and we provide you with a skilled, knowledgeable, and committed staff dedicated to your plastic injection molding needs.

Topworks can manufacture a complete item throughout our manufacturing process, or just parts of a system, regularly or on an ad-hoc basis, and offer custom assembling, stamping, and packaging service when needed and necessary.

All Topworks employees are skilled in their particular design, mold building, and plastic molding, making it possible for us to design, manufacture, and deliver your plastic molding requirements. Our services include prototyping to production to meet each project’s requirements.

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China injection molding pros:

  • Price

plastic injection molding companies in China produce high-quality molds and injection molding parts like companies in the United States and Europe, but at substantially lower pricing, typically 30-60% lower than US mold makers.

  • Quality

China injection molding is arguably among the very best in the plastic injection molding industry. Plastic injection molding companies in China have extensive experience in plastic injection molding and can provide you with extensive knowledge and experience in this area.

  • Flexible work

plastic injection molding companies in China are capable of providing a wide range of injection molding. Besides making injection molds, China mold makers also provide a manufacturing service. Those China plastic injection molding companies could provide small-scale experimentation molds and high-volume mass production molds.

  • Fast Delivery

China injection molding lead times are shorter. Normally, it takes 3-8 weeks, depending on the tool size and complexity. Mold manufacturers in China can ensure that their molds are processed 24 hours per day, seven days per week, through adequate worker arrangements.

The main China injection molding market region is characterized by a complex supply chain system comprising raw material procurement, manufacturing, logistics, and distribution.

  • Services

plastic injection molding companies in China can provide you with the top injection molding and tooling services whenever you want. The Chinese mold manufacturers will work with you to meet your needs.

China mold suppliers are responsible and responsive to every customer. Local China mold makers play a significant part in helping injection molding companies overseas to meet their budget and delivery needs.

It is possible to divert your money to grow your business while maintaining high-quality China plastic injection molding and process standards. Utilizing multiple experienced mold makers makes it easier to complete the mold efficiently, eliminating the bottleneck associated with having everything produced by one shop.

How to choose  China injection molding?

The process of selecting reliable plastic injection molding companies in China can be confusing, as there are so many injection molding manufacturers in China, and they are all competing to win clientele. Different China injection molding makers provide various China mold services.

What is the best way to choose a reliable, efficient injection molding maker in China? Will those China mold companies deliver as promised? How about the delivery time, quality, and intellectual property rights? You can find answers to these questions through the following items:

  • With the quotation sheet, you should verify the specifications of the steel insert used for the cavity and the core, the mold life, the number of cavities, the gate, the surface finish, the lead time for T1, the price, the delivery, and the payment.
  • If you are interested in getting a China plastic injection molding service, you might want to ask the mold manufacturers for the DFM report before placing an order. This report will give you more information about those China plastic injection mold manufacturers. General information concerning mold properties, such as mold steel, mold shrinkage, feed system, and gate. And if a China plastic injection molding service fits your specifications, you can see how to optimize your part design.
  •  Review the quality system of the mold maker.
  •  Request references from past customers.
  • Once the DFM and PO are confirmed, injection molders in China will start the design of the mold. You may ask the mold makers to send you the MoldFlow analysis based on the mold design to check the flowability, warpages, etc.
  • After confirming the mold design, contact the China injection mold manufacturer to send you the tooling plan every week. You can also request the steel quality and hardness certificate from the mold manufacturer to check the steel quality and hardness.
  • After the mold test, you will need to obtain the mold test video, the injection molding trial report, and the sample inspection report from the China mold maker.
  • Please ask the China plastic injection mold supplier to send you the electrode and spare parts drawings and every other technical document before mold delivery.

Where to find plastic injection molding companies in China?


China injection molding

China injection molding cycle

It is relatively simple to locate a manufacturer of injection molds in China.

You can search using the terms below: China plastic injection mold, China injection mold manufacturers, Chinese injection molding, Chinese mold manufacturers, etc.

China mold makers can be found on various social networking sites, such as Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter.

The B2B websites Alibaba, Made-IN-China, Global sources, and others allow you to find China injection mold suppliers and manufacturers. Check out the Trade Shows like Canton Fair or Aisamold for injection mold service China.

In fact, you can find at least twenty of these organizations in the specialized industrial parts of Dongguan city. China at large should be considered as many distinct parts rather than a single large one.

Some areas are known for supplying the most China plastic injection molds. Currently, there is an extensive number of China mold suppliers. If you want to buy China plastic injection mold, you should seek a supplier located in one of these regions.

China has become the largest plastic consumer in recent years, while at the same time, China is home to the largest injection mold manufacturer with superior China injection mold service.

China Plastics manufacturers produce a large number of China Plastic Injection Molds, thereby creating a large market for acquiring these molds. As China mold factories grow increasingly sophisticated, so China mold suppliers also develop.

At present, the injection mold industry of China has its own distinct characteristics, dominated by the plastic molds produced in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Guangdong, which account for 70% of the national total output value, giving them a very competitive advantage.

China’s leader—Guangdong

Guangdong is the most important market for mold products in China and is the largest exporter and importer of molds in the country.

Among China Plastic Molds producers, Guangdong represents more than 40% of the value, especially Shenzhen is leading the domestic market because of its numerical control rate of mold processing technology, manufacturing, professionalism, and standardization.

Due to the further optimization of the structure of Guangdong’s industry, the development of petrochemical, automotive, high-tech, and many other industries, Guangdong has become the world’s largest mold base supplier and Asia’s largest mold manufacturer.

Guangdong’s mold manufacturing in the coming years will become progressively advanced and complex, providing a better China injection mold service.

Shanghai—The automotive and information industry dominated

According to the Shanghai Mold Industry, there are six major industries and key industries.

It has developed a quality magnesium alloy die casting mold, and a precision injection mold in the IT industry, especially information technology, automotive production, and computer equipment; large die casting molds are used in the automotive industry, and progressive dies are used for precision stamping of precision parts.

Zhejiang – the most ratio of plastic mold

Ninghai is the main plastic mold manufacturer in Ningbo, Beilun manufactures die-casting molds, Xiangshan casts stamps, and Yinzhou manufactures casting and stamping molds.

The plastic molds are the majority of Taizhou’s mold manufacturing enterprises, centered in Huangyan and Luqiao.

Jiangsu—Private operation and foreign investment

Mould enterprises in Jiangsu Province have increased the investment in manufacturing equipment: CNC machine tools are widely used, and machining centers are widely used. Most enterprises have CMM, while WEDM machines are mainly wire cut machines. EDM mostly uses high-precision fixtures with high efficiency. Precision grinding machines such as ultra-precision surface grinders, optical curve grinders, and five-axis coordinate grinders have been widely used in precision mould manufacturing enterprises.



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