What’s the very first image that pops into your head any time you visualize custom plastic injection molding in China? A big China manufacturing plant with dirty assembly lines in some remote lands, producing low-quality mass-manufactured use-and-throw items? Or do you reckon about perfectly manufactured goods, designed by professionals possessing a substantial practical knowledge in the field? We are pride with concentrating on the aforementioned.

We ,Topworks Plastic Molding Company,are a China based company dedicated to offering Custom Made Plastic Design and Plastic Molding Services. We inject over 10 years of experience into every project we take on, and our passionate, qualified and skilled group of professionals is really enthusiastic about plastic injection molding and your requirements.

We can manufacture complete item or just components, regularly or just one-time purchases, and offer a customized assemblage, stamping and packing service when it is necessary. Our team members are skilled in their individual areas of design, mold building and plastic molding, thus no matter if you’re seeking a task to have complete plastic molding production or you just require a prototype trial, we can cater to your entire demands.

We had been established over the mission to manufacture plastics  better, which aim stays the motivation of everything we do.

Company Strategy

  • Core values: We believe in treating our clients with respect and faith;We grow by means of creative imagination, innovation and uniqueness;We incorporate sincerity, reliability and business values into all aspects of our company performance.
  • Goal:To be a pioneer in China tooling and injection molding industry by providing enhanced solutions, partnership and profitability.
  • Target: Global expansion in the field of tooling and injection molding industry, and develop a strong base of key customers.Boost the resources and funds of the business to back up the growth of products and services. To create excellent fame in the field of tooling and injection molding industry and turn into an important participant in the marketplace.
  • Mission statement: To make plastic better and  build long lasting relationships with our customers and clients and supply excellent customer services  by means of innovation and cutting-edge technologies.
  • Vision:To provide top quality solutions that go beyond the anticipations of our esteemed clients.

Markets We Serve:

  • Computer/Business Equipment;
  • plastic mold machining;
  • Industrial;
  • Packaging – Food/Beverage;
  • Construction;
  • Lawn & Garden;
  • Machinery;
  • Consumer Appliance;
  • Electronics/Electrical;
  • Agricultural;
  •  Household Utility Ware

The whole new plastic component development process

  1. Components Design (customer might deliver finalized 3D data files)

The business of tooling gets underway with a finalized and reviewed component design. Prior to your choosing, Topworks can improve it for Design for Asian Production (TM) ahead of tooling. This allows you to get a better price allow your design will probably be suitable for Asian procedures.

  1. Components Prototyping (if need)

Once you have your components design authenticated with a concrete made model, Topworks can make use of R.P. approach to have your components prototyped.The R.P.we employed:3D printing,SLA,SLS and machine engraving

  1. Tool Design

On this phase, the tool is produced in accordance with the files out of your final Tooling Data Worksheet.

  1. Mold Flow  and Tool Verify

Designs for the tool is evaluated and accredited for correctness.

  1. Tool Manufacturing

It includes Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) and Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) technologies),lathe,driller,engraving machine…

The tool is created with details as per the confirmed design.

  1. Initial Injections for client to check

Upon development of the injection molds, the first test shot cases will be provided by international courier service. It can get there in 3-6days.

  1. Tool Modifications and Texturing

On this phase, Topworks finishes the tool and carries out required adjustments to make it into the accredited specifications. Modifications to get the tool to specifications (except for the design modifications, which constantly comes at an expense) are made at no cost by Topworks.

Texturing occurs right now, which can be normally the closing phase in advance of mass manufacturing.

  1. Mass Production Export

Components are created and shipped to the buyer at this time, or the tool is shipped out for export use.

  • Timing

On the subject of tooling, it generally requires 35 to 40 days after getting down-payment bills for molds to be made, supposing the 3D files are accurate. If your demand is pressing, we are able to reduce the lead time to A 3 week period at an extra expense.

“T1” cases are the very first phase to check injection trials produced based on the requirements of your 3D files. With regards to the initial 3D design and how complicated the plastic components are, it’s going to take generally 1 to 2 weeks, possibly for a longer time, to complete the test phase.

Manufacturing lead-time is determined by the difficulty of components, along with specifications for materials and tools, in combination with the amount the buyer wants. In case you have a schedule, please inform us of it. Usually, on an order of 10,000 pieces, we expect 14 days.

Speak to us for information on your project’s schedule, because project scopes and agendas are different.

  • Shipment

Delivery agendas depend on which approach is employed (for example, UPS, FedEx, sea shipment, or air cargo).

Should you have your own shipping forwarder, we could use your current contracts and account in an extra cost.

If you don’t have ,it is also no problem for us, we are able to supply you with names of forwarders which have worked with us earlier.

Down to our experience, trials normally acquire between 3 to 6 days by international courier, 22 to 40 days by sea dependant upon the location you are.

For FOB china port, it is not preferable to use an international courier service, as the procedure is quite complicated. EMS is the perfect choice for compact, pressing transport.

Additionally, the time for customs declarations is different based on country. It is advisable to talk with your local freight forwarders.


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