Topworks plastic ,A China overmolding company for insert molding,co-injection,2k molding,double color molding,multi shot mold.

What overmolding we supply?

As a supplier of high-class rubber and overmolding,insert molding and co-injection parts, Topworks has successfully supplied the services for single and multi-component 2K molding projects in the various fields of

  • Personal care,
  • Automotive parts,
  • Medical care,
  • Cosmetics and electronic products

and casting the technological value to more production throughout the world.

Why choose us?

  • Precision manufacturing at ±0.01mm
  • Implementing advanced overmolding(insert molding) product designs
  • Standardization of mold parts
  • Rapid and high precision positioning of mould components
  • Manufacturing process control from beginning to end to satisfy client’s overmolding(insert molding) demands
  • MAKINO (V99) Large multi-cavity multi-component mold size control

Project Management

  • One to one project engineer contact
  • Plan & track overmold manufacturing process
  • Update customer’s requirements & feedback
  • Arrange delivery of trail overmodling samples
  • On site management of mold until mass production begins

After-sales Service

  • International service capabilities
  • Rapid response support  (7×24 hrs)
  • Professional communication (English speaking engineer over 10+ yrs)

Overmolding Troubleshooting:

1. Hard plastic material crush: Over Molding T0 test, it usually tries hard material molding first, then give the injected item to the fitter to fit plastic mold for soft material,normally PVC and TPR. If the mold fit work failed, the soft material mold will crush the hard material part of the product ,and it need fit the mold again until the problem  is solved.

2. Flash: In places where 2 kinds of material are combined, there are often flash caused by poor sealing. If the mold fitting isn’t good, it is necessary to add more material to hard material molding. There is also a problem related to the adjustment of the machine,like the size and deformation of overmolding part, usually the hard material mold and soft material mold should be tested at the same time. If the machine is not enough to simultaneously test mold, adjust the size to the close to the last piece.

3. Poor strength: In places where soft and hard plastic material are combined, occasionally there may be a poor bonding, which need improve the product structure. Without changing the appearance and structure, some ribs can be added, so that the soft section and hard section can be in a state of being interlaced.

4. Poor venting: In the parts such as buttons, there are often trapped air. If the mold can be set insert for venting, try to improve on the mold.